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Historical architecture is constantly referenced in the structures of modern cities. This assignment will require you to look around the city in which you live to find links to architectural history. In your paper you will visually compare a modern structure to a historic example. Love this assignment!


Chose an architectural structure in New York that references, borrows from, or imitates a work that we have discussed in class and/or readings.


Spend a few minutes sketching the structure. Your sketch should be attached and turned in with your paper.


  • Introductory paragraph:
    Introduce the two structures that you will be comparing. Please include a date of the structures if known and or general historical period, building type (i.e. church, bank, apartment building, etc)
  • Describe the buildings fully in one or more paragraphs
  • Visual Analysis: Discuss three (or more) formal details or attributes that link the modern structure to the historic example.
  • Contextual Analysis: Offer your own hypothesis for why you think the architects of the modern building chose to reference, borrow from, or imitate the architecture of the historic culture. What do you think the symbolic significance of the connection could be?


Your analysis should be no less than two pages double-spaced.

These questions should be answered without the aid of sources. I am interested in your own visual analysis and your own ideas. No background information on the building needs to be included. (If you absolutely must bring in an outside source for background information, you must use a footnoted citation to indicate the source. Information on proper citation guidelines is posted on blackboard.)

This is a formal writing assignment. Your grade will be based on your writing, as well as the content of your paper. Make sure to turn in a grammatically correct, well-organized, and well-written paper. If you have any writing-based questions come to my office hours or visit with the Art Department Writing Tutors.

Bring a paper copy to class on due date. The assignment should have your name and section at the top and should indicate the name and/or location of the building that you selected as the title. Make sure to attach your printed photo or sketch to the assignment.